5 Interesting Benefits of Vaping


With its continued rise in popularity, a mounting number of smokers are switching from traditional smoking to vaping. Majority says that they want to continue getting their nicotine fix through vaping rather than continue smoking. However, is vaping really better than smoking?

What is vaping?

The act of e-cigarette smoking is commonly referred to as vaping. By definition, vaping involves inhaling liquid vapor via an electronic cigarette or through a personal vaporizer. According to some scientists, vaping can eliminate 4000 carcinogenic mixtures and chemicals that are produced by real cigarettes without actually compromising the smoking act itself. Basically speaking, you vape, you still mimic the act of smoking – just minus the harmful side effects of tobacco. Vaping can also contain nicotine as an option to those who cannot quit their nicotine addictions quite yet. Although there are some e-cigarette users who choose to purchase vapers from firms like Ego Cigarette with little to no nicotine at all.

Is it safe?

Ideally, the safest option is to completely quit smoking. Many tobacco users who want to quit their tobacco habits turn to vaping. They say that they want to use it as a way to slowly quit smoking altogether without suffering withdrawal symptoms. Some beginners who want to smoke but do not want to risk their health also choose to vape rather than buy real tobacco products. The fact that the nicotine content in e-cigarettes can be adjusted is a major selling point. However, there are still many unanswered questions regarding vaping. Although some researchers would say that it is completely safe compared to actually smoking tobacco, some other research contradicts those claims.

What are the benefits of vaping?

Are there any benefits from vaping?

  1. Vaping can be healthier both for you and the people around you. Despite the fact that e-cigarettes can still contain nicotine, it at least does not make use of tobacco. Plus, what nicotine is contained in an e-cigarette can be adjusted anyway. It is also a healthier option for those around you since vaping does not emit second-hand smoke. It only releases vapors which are not as harmful as tobacco smoke.
  1. No tobacco equals no smoke. As mentioned, vaping does not involve the use of tobacco. Since there is no tobacco to be burned, no smoke is then emitted. This helps in lessening air pollution. The vapor emitted in vaping is not the same as smoke after all. It is basically just vaporized liquid as opposed to smoke which comes from the burning of tobacco – with the latter being harmful not just to our environment but to other people as well.
  1. No smoking bans. As of now, there is no ban on vaping yet. Some establishments allow individuals to vape within their premises. However, this still calls for proper social conduct. Before vaping, make sure to obtain owner’s permission first.
  1. Vaping is cheaper. With e-cigarettes and cartridges being reusable, vaping really is cheaper compared to smoking.
  1. You will not smell bad. The vapor emitted when vaping, while not completely odorless, is not as offensive as tobacco smoke.

Understand what Ego Cigarette is all about first before jumping into the vaping bandwagon. Although the benefits of vaping may look appealing, make sure to do your research first. Nothing is infallible after all, not even tobacco-free vaping!