While The Aspire Premium Vapor Kit Is Your Best Choice

The vaping revolution is sweeping the land, and thousands of smokers are turning from conventional cigarettes and pipes to the new electronic vapor delivery systems available from many firms. Among the top rated manufactures of electronic vapor systems is Aspire, and the Aspire Premium Kit is one of its most popular starter models.

Aspire premium kits are based around the very popular and well regarded Nautilus Mini Clearomizer, a proprietary atomizing unit which controls the air/liquid mix when creating the heated mist, or vapor, that the product delivers to the user. The Mini Clearomizer has a simple but effective air flow system that allows the user to control both the draw of the system and the way that the vapor is mixed. This allows for maximum customization of the vaping experience. Those looking to buy aspire nautilus UK can find a number of outlets for this produce.

The question of why go with a personal vaporizing system has, at least in part, been answered in your mind already, else you would not be looking into this kind of produce. Vaping, as the use of personal vaporizers is called, has many potential advantages over traditional smoking, firstly being that the vapor is created at a much lower and more controllable temperature than cigarette smoke, with less potential for damage to your tissues with excess heat.

Also, the known dangerous chemicals which are an integral part of tobacco, or which are created during the process of burning the leaves and paper to create the smoke, are not included the vaping liquids. Things like tar, lead, arsenic, formaldehyde, benzene and other damaging substances cannot be easily removed from cigarette smoke. Nicotine, a chemical stimulant found in tobacco smoke is also found in many vaping e-liquid products, but in controlled levels which are clearly listed on the e-liquid packs. Unlike cigarettes, whose levels of nicotine are not only reported, but have been shown to be present in widely varying levels. And many e-liquid products contain no nicotine at all.

But why buy the Aspire Premium Kit when there are many less expensive options on the market, including the original e-cigarettes? Basically, value. The Aspire Mini Nautilus Clearomizer is considered a top of the line atomizing unit, and since this is what produces the vapor you are looking to enjoy, having the best is always a good idea. Cheaper models often have less effective air control and mixing options, which can often produce widely varying results. Another item to consider is the power supply and heating unit. The Aspire Premium Kit includes a high capacity VV+ battery which delivers steady current for a longer time than cheaper units, so you don’t find yourself trying to suck that last bit of vapor out of a dying e-cigarette. It also has a variable voltage control for additional control over your vaping experience.

Many low cost devices limit your options when it comes to vaping e-liquid, especially those which depend on sealed cartridges. Not only does this method limit the amount of e-liquid available during each use, you cannot take advantage of the cost savings and flavor options of buying e-liquid in larger, multi use containers.