The 3 Fascinating Generations of Electronic cigarettes


An electronic cigarette is basically a vaporizer powered by batteries. It is similar to tobaccos. Although an electronic cigarette does not contain actual tobacco, it still utilizes nicotine extracted from tobacco plants. Furthermore, electronic cigarettes do not yield smoke, but rather, it produces an aerosol, which is usually and inaccurately called vapor.

Generally, an electronic cigarette from a firm like Ego Cigarette contains a heating element, which atomizes the liquid solution present inside. This liquid solution is called an e-liquid and it is usually made up of glycerin, nicotine, flavorings and propylene glycol. Other electronic cigarettes have the same ingredients, minus the nicotine.

What does it look like?

Most electronic cigarettes are cylindrical in shape, although it can also be found in different shapes. There are some which are box-shaped while some are even shaped like a pipe and etc. In fact, as of 2014, the appearance and features of electronic cigarettes has already reached 3 generations. Each generation is unique. Each generation looks different from the other. Also, they all utilize and have separate atomizers and batteries. The following are short descriptions of each generation.

First Generation


  • Generally appear like tobacco cigarettes and are called cigalikes
  • May be constructed as a single unit. It is comprised of a battery, a coil and a filling soaked in e-juice which is encased in a single tube. It may be used and disposed after the battery runs out or if there is no more e-juice.
  • May also be built to be a reusable device using a battery and a cartridge known as a cartomizer.
  • The battery could have an electronic airflow sensor that can be activated simply by breathing through the device. Other models make use of a power button that must be pressed to activate it.
  • And LED which can be found in the button or on the tip may be used to indicate that it is activated.
  • Charging is usually done by attaching the battery to a USB charger.

Second Generation


  • It is frequently used by electronic cigarettes smokers who are more experienced.
  • It is larger in size and does not really look like tobacco cigarettes.
  • It has a bigger battery, which cannot be removed, but has higher capacity.
  • Typically a device with two parts which means that it can be used again, which makes it cheaper.
  • Commonly utilizes a tank otherwise known as a
  • These tanks can be refilled with e-juice.
  • To switch the battery on and off, the power button may be used. The batteries may contain adjustable power settings.
  • Charging is still done by attaching the battery to a USB charger.



 Third Generation


  • Uses bigger batteries.
  • Is consisted of mechanical mods and voltage variable devices (both are usually just called mods).
  • Battery is placed inside the mod which can be detached. Because of this, the user can replace the depleted battery with a new one.
  • The variable and mechanical devices are usually cylinder or box shaped.
  • A box shaped variable and mechanical device can hold multiple batteries. It can also hold batteries, which are larger in size.
  • They can be made out of stainless steel, brass, aluminum or even wood.
  • Makes use of atomizers which can be rebuilt, allowing the users to choose the material they want to use as a wicker.
  • To increase production of vapor, handmade coils can be mounted in the atomizer.
  • Hardware is usually altered in order to increase the flavor.
  • Can use clearomizers.
  • The larger battery size enables the use of larger tanks which can then hold more e-liquid.

With the use of our technology today, you can buy e cigarettes uk from more and more places. However, no matter how interesting or cool they may seem, you must still remember that using it still comes with serious risks. Educate yourself and make sure that you are aware of pertinent information that could be of use to you.